Resources we value

    These are some of our favorite resources and local spots in St Petersburg, FL. We are not being paid by these folks to post these here…we simply value them and want to share them with you!

 Dog Parks

  1. Fort Desoto Dog Beach/park – Take your dog to the beach!
  2. Northshore dog park
  3. List of St Pete dog parks

Dog Daycare/Boarding

  1. Downtown Doggie Center – We have used a few daycares in St Pete and this is the only one we truly recommend. Tonya and her team are amazing and take fantastic care of our dogs and have a great facility for the dogs . Check out their facebook page for lots of fun photos of their doggie guests!

Vets/Emergency Vets

  1. Pet Pal Animal Clinic – The best place to get your dog or pup spayed or neutered. Extremely affordable vet and surgical prices. They are the official veterinarian of Pet Pal (no-kill) animal shelter. We regularly donate to the shelter and promote their message.
  2. St Petersburg area emergency vets – Even though most of us sport a smart phone that can find a vet, it helps to plan ahead and save some of these numbers in your phone – because your brain doesn’t navigate a smart phone well when accidents happen.
  3. 4th Street Pet Hospital – Awesome conventional vet, super close to downtown St Pete!

Lost Pet Resources

  1. Fido Finder
  2. Pet Finder
  3. Home Again

Dog Food Resources

  1. Pet Food Recalls – Dog Food Advisor (We find this list easier to navigate than the FDA site)
  2. Pet Food Recalls – FDA site
  3. – “Diet and health info for man’s best friend”
  4. Dog Food Project – Taught us how to read labels
  5. Dog Food Reviews – Great resource to compare foods before you buy.
  6. Probiotics info for dogs – if your dog has ever had a regimen of antibiotics, they are likely missing some critical gut flora. This site gives some great info on doggie gut flora.
  7. My favorite probiotic supplement  for Jack and Ellie

Farm Sources/Sustainable Living/Be Local

  1. Keep St Pete Local
  2. Saturday Morning Market
  3. Local Harvest – results for St Pete, Florida. Type your city in the “Near:” search field to do a new search.
  4. Eat Wild – results for Florida. Click “Shop for Local Grassfed Meat, Eggs & Dairy” to do a new search.

Benny the handsome beagle hunted the internet over for these helpful resources. Now it looks like he’s ready for a treat, a belly rub, then a long nap.