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St Petersbark natural pet market is the latest edition to the St Petersbark family. We went beyond our homemade treats to offer a full scale selection of healthy dog and cat provisions. Our pet market is packed with hand-selected natural dog and cat food (raw, kibble, canned, freeze dried), local vendors, and accessories (toys, collars, leashes, etc). We also carry a variety of treats including our own USA sourced, all-natural, dehydrated treats, made with love! On top of all the fare and fun stuff, we’ve staffed the market with friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you pick a food, answer a question, and give out plenty of belly rubs!

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2435 9th Street North | St Petersburg, FL 33704

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We make all-natural, dehydrated dog treats with love in St Petersburg, Florida. Each package contains only one ingredient. It’s simple, tasty doggy jerky, pieces of liver or sweet potato! We never include any gluten, corn, soy, salt, sugar or other spices. It’s just pure protein or sweet potato for your pup to gobble up during training sessions or as a flavor enhancer to top off your kibble!

With dog food & treat recalls abounding, every batch of treats is made with the health and safety of your dog in the forefront of our minds. It all starts with the raw materials. We have carefully selected vendors that provide raw materials fit for human consumption with a focus on humane animal care and sustainable farming. Essentially we don’t stock any raw materials that we wouldn’t feed our family. Once the raw materials are in our hands, it’s time to make your dog’s yummy treats.

When we say handmade with love, we mean it! Our cooking process follows human grade guidelines set forth by the FDA. This includes raw materials storage, thawing, preparation and cooking methods. We also send samples of our batches to the lab for testing to ensure safety and consistent nutrient profiles. After each batch is complete, we carefully inspect the product for dryness and temperature. Ellie and Jack sample a few pieces of the batch then we carefully store the treats in bags specifically designed to protect the contents from moisture and oxygen. On top of that, oxygen and moisture eliminating packs are included inside each bag. Both of these measures drastically limit the amount of moisture and oxygen, keeping the environment unsuitable mold, mildew, spoilage and other uncool things. From our suppliers to your pantry, we work very hard to make safe, healthy, tasty treats (with love) for your dog!


Dogs are part of the family and we believe the food, treats, and toys we give them should enhance their quality of life. We also believe that we must respect the sources of food we feed our dogs, just as we respect our furry companions. Our mission is to provide your dog healthy & sustainable food, treats, and other provisions coupled with fantastic customer service!  Our team aims to provide the the most drool-worthy, tail-waggingest,  sit-inducing, top-dog, bark-tastic natural pet market and dog treats available!


Welcome!  My name is Krista, and I’m the owner, treat maker, and lover of all things dog at St Petersbark. Growing up, most of my jobs involved working with dogs. I’ve worked as a Vet Tech, a kennel associate and a member of the pack at a doggie daycare. For me, working at those places was never ‘work’ since it was around dogs. I love working with dogs – from wagging tails and smiling faces to dirt, slobber, poop and all.  Out of college, I began a career in the corporate IT world where I have worked successfully for several years. But from day one, I felt like something was missing. I have always dreamed of starting a business that would allow me to work with dogs professionally and serve their owners.  With my husband, I started St Petersbark as my ode to the dog.  At St Petersbark, we have an immense passion for dogs, high quality customer service, sustainable living and quality dog food. I hope you and your dog feel the love we put into our pet market and treats.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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